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WildBerries - the largest marketplace in Russia, that sells millions of different goods: from clothing to garden equipment. In addition to Russia, the service is also popular and in demand in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Since 2020, the marketplace began selling in the European Union - in Poland and Slovakia.
  • 6 million visitors daily
  • 750,000 orders daily
Today, OZON is one of the most popular Russian marketplaces, that is actively developing and helps Russian manufacturers and suppliers of goods to find millions of buyers not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. The Russian marketplace, that sells more than 5 million positions: in 2018, the company showed the record sales growth over 10 years of existence - the turnover of the online store grew on 73% to 42.5 billion rubles.
The marketplace, that was created together by Sberbank and Yandex. The basis of the marketplace was the Yandex.Market service. At the beginning of 2020, the audience of the marketplace Beru! became to more than 1 million people a day, and the trade turnover of the marketplace exceeded 4 billion rubles a month. Now the site presents more than 4 thousand sellers and this list is constantly expanding.

Why it is profitable to sell with us on marketplaces:

Quick launch of sales in Russia
We know all the details of working with each of the sites, so we can quickly start selling your product.
All in one
The agreement with us will provide you with access to several Russian platforms at once: you will not have to enter into a separate contract with each of them.
Savings in customs clearance and logistics
We will help with the passage of goods through custom control, take on all the concerns about logistics.
Prepare content for items
We will take a photo, a description of goods in Russian that will attract buyers. All this will save you time and money in creating content.
Reliable partner with flexible conditions
Depending on your needs, we advance deliveries or take goods for sale. We sign the contract - with all the necessary documents and reports.

Who we work with

We expand distribution channels, increase your sales. We can be your online sales department in Russia, and you will focus on production.
We expand sales in Russia: a transparent working model - you may see all the processes and dynamics of sales. You also get analytics: we sell those products that are in demand at the moment.
Small companies
We remove the risks, buy the goods for sale in advance. We help with certification.
Help you with the points of growth and increase in sales in Russia.
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Cooperation Scheme

This is a common scheme of cooperation. In general, we are ready to discuss conditions with each partner in order to find those that will be beneficial to both sides.
Assortment Selection
Agree on prices and scope of supply.
Sign a contract
We find mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation, we choose reliable sites for sale in Russia.
Prepare Items for Sales
We pack and label goods according to the requirements of online sites. We fill in the cards of goods with attractive texts in Russian and high-quality photos.
First income
When first sales in Russia begin and we continue mutually beneficial cooperation.

About us

We are always open to honest and mutually beneficial offers!
We are always open to honest and mutually beneficial offers!
Since 2010, we have been working in e-commerce. Our journey began with the sale of handicrafts: embroidery, fabrics, yarn, threads, and so on. By 2019, we have become one of the largest stores of goods for needlework in Russia - we work with more than 200 suppliers, whose goods are distributed in bulk and retail around the world, we sell more than 350 brands, we have our own warehouse and developed logistics, a staff of Internet promotion specialists.
Since 2018, we have been selling on online sites: both in Russia and abroad. By 2020, we have got a great experience in working with online sites and we realized that we are ready to share our knowledge and help businesses of any size quickly and effectively to go to online-platforms: WildBerries, Ozon, Beru, Aliexpress, Ebay, Etsy.
Now we represent more than 100 brands in Russian and foreign marketplaces and we are ready to take on the development of sales of your goods in Russia!

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